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Taking it to the next level…with croutons!

After my run today I went to the expensive organic yuppie food store to buy soup and some croutons. I like croutons. Not as much as I like my new accordion with the mussette tuning, but I like them a lot. Really, now that I think about it, it’s kinda stupid to compare croutons to an accordion. They’re not at all alike. I’m not even sure where I was going with that. One thing I do know for sure, though: my new accordion is sweet.

Whoa…whoa…Ricky. Just slow down and grab the reins. You’re all over the place. How 'bout we Focus on lunch. Whaddya say?

You’re right. Let me start at the beginning. The Battle Ax made me a nice salad this morning, but there was no meat in it. So I figured I’d stop and get some soup that had some protein like, for instance, chicken noodle. While in the store, I decided it would be nice to have croutons on my salad, so I bought a bag.

Back out in the parking lot I heard someone shout “Hello there.” I turned and saw my boss’s boss’s boss waving. He’d recognized me. I don’t think he knows my name yet, but that’s ok. He’s older.

Anyway, I noticed he was carrying a salad in a take-out container. Seeing my opportunity, I said “Hey. If you ever need any croutons just come by my cube.” I held the bag up and shook it so he could hear them.

“Okay,” he said. I could tell none of his employees had ever offered him croutons before.

“No. I’m serious,” I said, with another shake of the bag. “Just stop by and help yourself.”

When I got back to my cube I put croutons in both the Battle Ax salad and the soup. I liked the way they bobbed and became soaky. I waited for awhile but he never came by. He must have had a meeting or something.


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F. Banger on :

Could you please wipe that brown stuff off your nose? It doesn't go well with your pink cardigan.

Sparkle Plenty on :

Dammit. I don't even know what a mussette tuning is. The Mussettes sound like a Motown girl group who were known for their touseled locks and tight harmonies, 'though. So, that is what I will believe.

Despite F. Banger's astute observation, I must note that it is always a good idea to cast your croutons out uponst the water. Unless they cease to bob and get way too soaky. Then they ain't croutons; they're soup sediment. Soupiment.

Ricky on :

Mussette is to the accordion what 12 strings are to the guitar, Ms. Plenty: two sets of reeds ever so slightly out of tune with each other. Very French. Oh, and by the way, nobody tells Ricky what his croutons turn into when they get too soaky.

Sparkle Plenty on :

SOUPIMENT, I sez, and I stick by my reeds! (Please, I'm humiliated enough not knowing what a mussette tuning is--grant me the soupiment).

Bruce from LI on :

You are brave to admit your shortcomings. However, "soupiment" is on the side of literary genius. Ricky should have picked up on that - or maybe he did and is just jealous!

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