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The miracle of hard salami

Hard salami is a treat because when you make a sandwich with it you don’t need to use any condiments like--for example--mayo, mustard, or ketchup. You see, there’s enough fat in the salami to keep everything moist and slippery. I had it for lunch today with 2 slices of nice provolone cheese on a fresh whole wheat roll. I made it last night, wrapped it in wax paper, and stored it in the fridge for safe keeping. I’m going to do it again for lunch tomorrow--mark my words.

After I finished my delicious sandwich I went to the kitchen and got a package of 6 knock-off Oreo-like cookies. My company gives them to us for free. They’re right out there in a box on the counter next to the filth-encrusted microwave. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a photograph and show you.

P.S. I wanted to blog about egg salad over the holiday weekend but never got around to it. I think it’s an excellent topic, and there’s a lot we—as a virtual community of lunch enthusiasts—can mine there. Stay tuned...


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F Banger on :

The funniest line in this blog is "Stay tuned..". ha ha ha ha ha. What that really says is "check back in about 3-4 weeks, I may have something on my blog, but don't count on it".

Bruce from LI on :

Merry Christmas Ricky!
See you in the New Year....?

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