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I drilled the small hole for awhile today. Then I came back to the office and reheated that lamb and red chile soup I teased you with yesterday.

I didn’t want to get all moist and sweaty down there like I did that other time, so before I went to the golf course I changed out of my dungarees and into my seersucker Daisy Dukes, as shown in Figure 1. That did the trick. Everything stayed dry and comfortable, and you wouldn’t have been able to pick up my scent unless you squatted.

Figure 1. In Ricky’S world seersucker never goes out of style. The red arrow indicates the region that remained dry and comfortable as Ricky repeatedly drilled the small hole.


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Bruce from LI on :

Holy S! Is that your father in the picture? If the arrow were another inch further north and I'd have my answer.

skeeter on :


Theolecranon on :

My mind jumped to awful conclusions upon seeing the diagram with the first sentence of "I drilled the small hole for a while today". I thought that perhaps lunch involved less ketchup and fries, and more power drills and trips to the emergency room.

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