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The quiet beauty of lunch

I've written numerous web logs about attempting to eat lunch on the golf course and ending up with condiments all over my shirt, or my face, or my trousers. I've also promoted the salami and provolone sandwich as safe alternative.

On Saturday I took my own advice, buying a pre-made sandwich at the grocery store before heading to the course. As I took my first bite of it on the 10th hole, I became contemplative, comfortable with my superior ability to strategize and execute on an effective lunch approach. I captured the moment with a photograph. I call it Salami Sandwich Still Life with Tees and Golf Glove. Take a good look at it. The shadows add quite a bit of drama, don't you think?

This image was deceptively powerful. The guy who took the photograph--using his I-touch-phone-tunes-pad--couldn't shake it off for 2 or 3 holes, resulting in a string of double bogies and pathetic excuses muttered under his breath about "Ricky'S stupid lunch blog."

Figure 1. Salami Sandwich Still Life with Tees and Golf Glove


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F Banger on :

I'm glad to see you didn't include the score card in your photo. It would have changed it from deceptively powerful to just plain pathetic.

Bruce from LI on :

I think Ricky's glove is giving me the finger.

F Banger on :

I'm shocked he didn't name the photo 'Sit and Spin'.

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