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Focus on priorities

I had a nice salad for lunch yesterday and some minestrone soup. Then I had to go potty, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and my Kindle, intending to make the most of it.

Everything was going great until I took a sip of coffee. As I returned the cup to its perch on the handrail, I didn’t balance it correctly. It slid off, crashing into my thigh. Coffee splattered everywhere, including all over my Kindle, and on some other things too. This upset me, and I struggled to keep me shit together.

After 15 or 20 minutes, I’d calmed down sufficiently to snap a photograph using my I-tunes-touch-pod-nano-pad, as shown in Figure 1, below. I think it really captures the tension in the room. I’m scheduling a post-mortem / lessons-learned session for next week to identify causal factors and develop and action plan to mitigate the risk of event reoccurrence.

This is a terrible lunch blog entry, although I’m proud of myself for using the word perch in the second paragraph.

Figure 1. The collateral damage from Ricky’S lack of focus and inability to successfully prioritize


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F Banger on :

Nothing like laying your Kindle on the floor with splatters of piss all over just to take a photo. Good use of arrows though cause I probably wouldn't have known where the cup was.

Anonymous on :

As a person who has actually seen the time and care you take in laying out the Still Life's for your blog, I can only imagine what it must have looked like for you to be preparing this one.

Bruce from LI on :

I don't understand how this happened. Hyyou were so coordinated in high school - football team, basketball team, baseball team. Wait a minute, that wasn't you. You've always been a clutz.

Grossman on :

I'm more than a little worried. Is Ricky'S Lunch Blog turning into Ricky'S remedial photo composition blog? If so, a lower camera angle would have heightened the visual impact of the devastation. However, that would have required a wider stance, and we all know how that turned out for Sen. Craig (R-ID).

Ricky on :

Nobody tells Ricky how to heighten the visual impact.

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