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It ain't a man-purse if there'S goulash inside

I found a bag of frozen goulash in the ice box last night, so I defrosted it and served it over egg noodles for dinner. I enjoyed it, even though it was 8 or 9 months old. You see, it stayed tasty and fresh because it was properly preserved in a seal-a-meal bag. One day I'll blog at length on seal-a-meal technology, because I believe it is worthy of Ricky'S attention.

I combined the leftover goulash and egg noodles in a tupperware thing and took it to work in my little man-purse/lunch-bag. I ate it standing up in my office, looking out the window while I was on a conference call because I'm one of those can-do go-getters like you might see in a rent-a-car commercial. I didn't even put it in the microwave. That'S how busy and important I am.

This is another disappointingly average blog post. I think I used too many hyphens.


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Stuart on :

Don't be too hard on yourself. I believe this blog, unlike your goulash, is just getting warmed up.

Karen on :

Not enough exclamation points in this post. Otherwise, great.

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