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But you said you would call...

If this were Ricky’S Dinner Blog I could tell you all about what I ate tonight. I wish I could, because it was really something. But I can’t, because this is Ricky’S Lunch Blog and the only thing we make blog posts about is lunch.

Lunch sucked. Now I’m not a finger-pointer, and I don’t cut and run, but the #BattleAx really dropped the ball and let down the entire team today. You see I’ve been having to go to work early lately, like in by 6:30-ish. I’ve recently been given a lot more big and important responsibilities. She doesn’t seem to appreciate this, and refuses to get up and prepare #BattleAx salads for me before I leave. I’m serious. She just, like, keeps sleeping.

So today I had to rush out at 11:30 and buy a pre-fab salad and a bag of croutons at the supermarket down the street (see Figure 1). It was awful, and I felt sorry for myself. You see that hard-boiled egg in the corner? Well, when I put it in my mouth and bit into it, there was some sort of liquidy stuff between the yoke and the white part. I kind of gagged a little, but I still chewed and swallowed most of it. I called her and told her about it, and she said she was busy and would call me back, but she never did.

Figure 1. My desk, showing today's lunch and the bag of croutons I purchased.


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Monica on :

Nice product placement.

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