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Yep. Onion Rolls.

I don’t want to tell you about lunch today because it was awful. I sat by myself in my office with the door closed and ate my #battleax salad. I just kinda stared at all the shit on my desk and felt sorry for myself again. I actually got a little weepy and dabbed my eye with the paper towel I got from the men’S room, telling myself it was just because I’d gone overboard with the black pepper. So I don’t want to blog about that anymore.

Yesterday , though--yesterday lunch was terrific. I played golf with these guys I know. I made two ham sandwiches on onion rolls before I left the apartment, because--as long-time readers of Ricky’S Lunch Blog know--Ricky don’t like to force feed himself frankfurters at the turn.

I didn’t need two sandwiches but I figured I could share one and maybe they’d like me more. Maybe they’d even invite me to play with them again. When I opened the foil and started eating, one of the guys said “What you got there?”

“Spiral-cut ham and swiss on an onion roll,” I said. “Would you like half?”

“Sure. Give it here.”

I gave him a half. He grunted while he ate it. I think he said something about onion rolls, but I had a hard time understanding.

In the parking lot after, they said we should all play together again sometime, and that they’d call. There weren’t any messages today, but I’m sure I’ll hear from them tomorrow. Wednesday at the latest.

What do you think of this blog post? I'm of the mind that it'S not my best effort.


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Monica on :

It was good RicKy! You're good...everything is good.

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