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You look really hot in that cotton v-neck undershirt

I went for a run at lunch yesterday. It was hot outside but I went anyway. My superior physical conditioning and high tolerance for pain typically allows me to go where other men don’t dare.

After a long, dreamy shower, I found that I still couldn’t cool down. I put back on my fancy expensive work clothes, but my trunk--that area that runs from my neck down to my man parts--was still perspiring. I had a number of big important meetings to get to, so stripping down and taking another long, dreamy shower was out of the question.

I got back to my office with just enough time to eat the leftover Pad Thai I brought for lunch. This made the sweaty trunk problem only worse. People started coming into my office for the meeting. All were looking to me, RickY, for direction. They were seeking level-setting, action items, feedback, balanced scorecards, cross-functional alignment, next steps, and high-performance leadership---basically all the stuff I do really good.

Anyway, as the meeting started, I realized my cotton v-neck undershirt, hidden beneath my nice clothes, was soaking wet. It was a strange, damp feeling. I kinda liked it. No one else in the meeting knew what was happening, and I liked that too. It was like I had my own dirty little secret that no one would ever discover. That is, unless I did something really stupid, like write a blog about it, but even I’m not that....Hey, wait a minute...


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Editor on :

What's with all the errant capital letterS?

Stuart on :

We should probably let Ricky be the one who decides whether a particular 'S' on his blog is errant. Don't you think?

coffee fountain on :

"where other man don’t dare" wow. Sweet line.

RickY on :

Dear Editor,
Thank you for pointing out this embarrassing issue with errant capital letters. I'd never noticed that before. Rest assured I will get the Ricky'S Lunch Blog Web Development and Technical Support Teams on the phone immediately and rip them a new one. Ricky is all about holding people accountable.

Skeeter on :

This is good. It's not Leroy R. Hafen award-type good, but its good.

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