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This maverick don't need no lighter fluid

With great lunch thought-leadership, comes great responsibility. I just want to make sure everyone realizes the incredible strain I’m under since re-asserting my preeminent position in the lunch arena. It has affected relationships with my family, my ability to sleep through the night, and has given rise to delicate performance issues. Let’s just say I’m having trouble getting the fire started on the beach in the wind when the lighter is empty. But don’t worry—I’ll be fine.

Anyway, yesterday we jumped on the motorcycle and headed into the hills for lunch. Destination: the hippy cafe near the stoner town. A guy I know recommended this place some years ago. He said there was a green chile cheeseburger on the menu, but there isn’t.

I had the breakfast burrito for lunch. Yep, breakfast...for lunch. If you want to achieve thought-leadership, sometimes you have to break the rules (see paragraph 1, above). The #BattleAx had something too. I can’t remember what, because I wasn’t paying attention. See Figure 1, below, for an action shot. I tried to take a selfie but it didn’t work.

Figure 1. A picture without Ricky in it

As we got up to go, the #BattleAx asked if I needed to pee. I said no. Then as soon as we got on the bike and pulled out of the parking lot, I had to.

Figure 2. Where'S Ricky? Even though there's a lot going on in this picture, can you find Ricky?


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