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After lunch, let'S go play frisbee in the quad

I've been working at my desk while I eat lunch a lot lately. This is all part of my plan to become a cranky old bastard at the youngest possible age. Even though outwardly I'm a big, virile, strapping buck, inside I'm like the librarian in that Twilight Zone episode who steps on his own reading glasses. Yeah--that episode, which was an awesome one by the way.

Anyway, I had a package of Ramen noodles for lunch today, as shown in Figure 1, below. Supposedly it was chicken flavored although I couldn't tell. I can tell you this, however--I love the salt they put in there. When I eat it, I feel alive. I didn't let the noodle slab steep long enough, though, and it was crunchy and I burned my mouth. Then I swear I could feel the noodles expand more when they were inside me.

When I was done, I had the urge to blow off classes, play my guitar over by the fountain, and be back in my room by 3:00 so I could catch Leave it to Beaver on WGN.

Possibly the worst lunch blog ever. Don't wait around for an apology, because there won't be one. And you better keep that goddamn football out of my yard.

Figure 1. My, that's some lovely lunch fair you've prepared, Mrs. Cleaver.


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F Banger on :

It wasn't the words that made this blog suck, it was the worse product placement Photoshop I've even seen that made it suck. No, wait....Your words did suck.

And with that... F Banger is back!

RickY on :

There's lot's of reasons this blog sucks, F. Banger. My favorite one, though, is that it is incoherent.

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